Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bronx Bombers Trading Stocks

Get the vibe and trade some stocks.  If you lose all your money, don't come crying to me.  that is the stock market and the bond market, now pure speculation.

VIBE is the Breaking Report this week! Quickly put VIBE immediately on your radar this week.

(OTCBB: VIBE.PK) is showing some very powerful business plans which have been unseen to the stock world, until just todays day and age. (OTCBB: VIBE.PK) looks to be the next future website that integrates mobile technologies.

Vidable Inc. acts as a central Internet portal which allows customers to retrieve information for various services using online media video.

Vidable Inc., partners gain certain advantage advertising. This will allow VIBE the ability to charge more for their advertisement inventory. VIBE.pk should exceed 10,000 channels in 2 months and that will capture everyones by surprise.

Hurry up and place VIBE.pk immediately on your watch list this week!!

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